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Spreading the Spirit of the Beats since 2004.


Prior to bringing the Beat Museum to North Beach, there was The Beat Museum on Wheels. Affectionately dubbed "The Beatmobile", this mobile performance center and museum exhibition travelled from California to Maine to Florida and back two school years in a row. During this time we delivered a customized 90 minute live performance based upon The Beat Generation to thousands of students and fans at high schools, colleges and community arts centers.

The Beat Museum on Wheels has long since been retired, but the memories live on.

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Read about the headlines and reactions people have had to the Beat Museum on Wheels.

Read our school letters of recommendation regarding a Beat Museum on Wheels visit.

Visit our other site to find out more about our "Beat Museum" located in the historic San Francisco neighborhood of North Beach. Also we have an online store great for purchasing Beat books and other related materials.



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