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2004 Tour Accomplishments

Fall Accomplishments
2004 - The Beat Museum on Wheels


Lowell Celebrates Kerouac
Lowell MA (500 attendees, public event)

Performance with Beat Musician David Amram
City Island, NY (150 attendees, public event)

Rockaway Arts Festival - Queens
Rockaway, NY (300 attendees, public event)

Loch Haven University
Loch Haven, PA (500 students, school event)

Kerouac Fest ’04
Windber, PA (200 attendees, public event)

Lakota East High School
Westchester, OH (700 students, school event)

Fitton Center for Creative Arts
Hamilton, OH (150 attendees, public event)

Fairfield Lane Public Library
Fairfield, OH (150 attendees, public event)

The B-Side Lounge
Cleveland, OH (150 attendees, public event)

Penn State University
Media, PA (200 students, school event)

Nokomis Regional High School
Newport, ME (200 students, school event)

State University of New York (SUNY)
Geneseo, NY (300 students, school event)

Madison Theatre
Covington, KY (100 attendees, public event)

Saint Mary’s High School
Raleigh, NC (200 students, school event)

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