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Beats pages:
-Allen -Allen Ginsberg's official homepage -David Amrams official homepage. -A web page devoted to Diane Di Prima, an interesting character in The Beat Generation.
-Jack Magazine:

A contemporary writing magazine named after Kerouac's honor.

Beat Resources:

-Beatitude: Resources for a New Beat Generation:

-This site is a lot of fun!

-Dharma Beat: - A Jack Kerouac newszine -- a must see for fans of Jack.
-Horst Spandler's Homepage:

-A web page about the Beats in Germany.

-Laki Vazakas’ Herbert Huncke documantary:

-Herbert Huncke was known as Burroughs drug hook up in New York.

-Leon Tabory’s Neal Cassady Stories:

-Leon was Neal's psychologist when Neal was incarcerated in San Quentin. -A great web page with tons of information about all of the key players in The Beat Generation and other writers. Home of Jack Kerouac school of dysenbodied poetics. Founded by Allen Ginsberg, and Anne Waldman.

-Paul Verizzo’s documentation of Neal’s Denver:

-If you dig deep you'll find some pictures of where the Beats spent some time in Denver.

-Rinaldo Rasa’s Beat Homepage with great photos: -This page is absolutely packed with pictures from all eras that either influenced the Beat Generation or who were influenced by The Beat Generation.
-Beat Angel: -Beat Angel is a fictional movie that was recently created using Kerouac come back from the dead as the main character.
-Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!: -Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, is a festival that happens every year. Check it out!
Beat Generation and Beyond Conference: Hosted at the John Natsoulas Gallery.

-Bob Dylan's official homepage. -A web page about The Grateful Dead.
-Ken Babbs' Skypilot Club: -A web page by Ken Babbs one of the most notorious of the Merry Pranksters.
-Merry Prankster History and Influence: -The Merry Pranksters basically created the hippie movement with a little help from The Beat Generation.

-Merry Pranksters Homepage:

-The official page of The Merry Pranksters, packed with tons of info about what happened to the pranksters where their books leave off.
Other: -A book store created by Ferlinghetti in North Beach. -A site offering beat information and materials. -A 72 hour marathon of literature, music, film and theater. -A site that offers a variety of books and poems. Also friends of The Beat Museum.
For more information about The Beat Museum On Wheels click here