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Photo Gallery

-Ferlinghetti with the Beatmobile in Big Sur.

-John Takes a break at Lock Haven University.

-Liam is a reporter for KRON TV in San Francisco.

-Jerry, Garland and John at Lakota East High School in Ohio.

-The Beatmobile arrives at Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

-The Fitton Center Youth.

-Garland Reads Howl.

-Reading from the Books at Fairfield Public Library.

-John Discussing Neal's demise.

-Diana SMS Librarian created a terrific on site exhibit.

-Jack Kerouac's type writer is on display in Lowell, MA

-John at David Amram's Farm in Peekskill, NY

-David Amram sitting in the Beatmobile in Lowell, MA

-One of our messages to students is to "Speak your own Truth."

-Telling the story of the Howl obscenity trial.

-400 Lakota High School students are enraptured with the presentation.

-The Lakota High School yearbook editors

-An English class visits The Beat Museum displays.

-John telling stories about Jerry Garcia.

-In the hallways of Lakota East High School.

-The Beatmobile at SUNY Geneseo, NY

-The Beat Museum display panels at the Fairfield Lane, Ohio Public Library.

-On the marquee at The Madison Theater, Covington, KY

-John tunes his guitar at the Nakomis High School Gymnasium. Newport, ME

-These young people wanted to know the history of The Beats.

-The girls of Saint Mary's in Raleigh, NC.

-John talks about his father The Wild One.

-Bringing Jack Kerouac to life on stage.

-Reading the museum panel displays with interest, in Covington, KY

-The house that Jack was born in is at 9 Lupine Road in Lowell, MA

-The Grotto from Dr.Sax fame in Lowell, MA

-Reading spontaneous prose in the gymnasium in Newport, ME

-The Nittany Lion, guards the Beatmobile at Penn State

-Awaiting the arrival of the students at Lakota East High School.

-Students visiting the Beatmobile at Lock Haven University.

-Preparing for Art Splash in Rockaway, NY

-John takes Neal on a visit to Kerouac's grave.

-McClure and Dylan visit Lowell

-Kerouac's rucksack is on display in Lowell, MA

-Jack went to Lowell High School, yellow building on left.

-Neal attended East Denver High School.

-The Colburn Hotel in Denver where Carolyn Robinson met Neal Cassady.






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