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Baldwin Public Library

The Birmingham Newspaper

Our Performance at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, MI was the most highly attended event they’ve had in years. The newspapers gave us lots of ink (even though they used a photo of someone else from my website and said it was me). A local named Johnny saw us in the paper and brought a bottle of locally brewed Bo’s beer.

Bill the Librarian who arranged for the gig had everything perfectly in place and even led us back to his house after the event so we could get hot showers and a comfortable start the next day for our big run 500 miles to the north.

The Rig in Front of The Baldwin Public Library

John Navigating the Final Few Miles as I Drove Us In

The Panels Set Up Outdoors on a Calm Day

Alicia and Katy with the Blue Hair

Johnny Brought Us some Famous Bo's Beer

Setting Up with the AV Department Before the Show

Bill (on right) with His Big Brother Tim



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