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Click on this picture to learn about The Beat Museum located in Monterey, Ca.



Lakota High School 10/19/04

Click here to read an article about the trip.


The Welcoming Party in Hamilton, Ohio

The Boys with Dennis, Robin, Jade and Little MayMay

7.15 AM and the Beat Museum is already open!

Predawn Visit to the Beat Museum

Over 400 students waiting for the show to begin

Garland and Jerry at the top of the show

The students are enraptured!

Garland, John and Jerry with the school yearbook editors

The Beat Museum on the High School's 'Main Street'

An English Teacher and her class on his back

Another class visits the Beat Museum

Teenagers dig The Beat Museum

Rock On! The Beat Museum.

John on the phone while Garland is interviewed

John and his new fans

'Tell us a story Uncle John'

Sitting at the feet of the master

Looking from above

'First the earth cooled...'

John, Garland and Professor Jerry at the class bell

John looking for some Guidance

Professor Jerry, Garland and John after a job well done

For more information about The Beat Museum On Wheels click here