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The Madison Theatre

Covington, Kentucky

by Jerry Cimino

The Madison Theatre gig in Covington, Kentucky turned out to be a great thing. First, Covington is only right across the state line from Cincinnati, Ohio so this gave us a chance to stop in and see Robin and Dennis again.

'What a great venue!'

We pulled up to the Madison to find “The Beat Museum on Wheels” welcomed on their marquee. It was like we were Hollywood celebrities! The photos (taken at night) really didn’t do the venue justice. I got a kick out of seeing we were right up there with Delbert McClinton whose music I used to listen to years ago. Robin jumped right in to the ticket counter like she owned the place. Later she sat on stage with John’s guitar.

The Beatmobile at the Madison.

Sharing the marquee with Delbert McClinton.

Robin manned the ticket counter.

The crowd begins to gather.

The Lobby of the Madison..

Reading the story of the Beats.

Robin teases the crowd prior to the show.

The show itself was one of the best we’ve done. I think we felt this way because the venue is so great! The size of the stage and the audience – the fact that we were standing in front of a twenty foot high screen and Jack and Neal’s images were up there bigger than life. It was a terrific feeling of accomplishment!

Garland reads Howl as John accompanies on keyboards.

Making a historical point as Garland prepares to read a piece that underscores it.

John discussing Neal's demise (note Mexican Death Certificate).

After the show and meeting and greeting many of those who were in attendance our little group retired off to a Waffle House for a late evening snack. The Waffle House is like Dennis’ favorite place to eat other than his own restaurants. Every time we passed a Waffle House Dennis would want to stop! This night we decided to play a little joke on Garland – when he wasn’t looking we conspired with our waitress, Likesha, to help us pull our goof. And let me tell you this girl was an actress. Just as she was serving him his ham and eggs Likesha started batting her long eyelashes and said, “Garland, I’m dying here in Kentucky. I know you like me – I could tell by the way you looked at me when you walked in the door of the Waffle House. Garland, take me back to California and away from all this! Garland, will you marry me?”


After the show everyone wanted to see the Beatmobile.

Sarah enjoyed the show.

Russ and Mark are long time Kerouac fans.

The streets of Covington, Kentucky.

Dennis helped pack up the Beatmobile more times than I can count!

Ready to hit the road.

So, we’re all guffawing under our breath and trying not to burst out laughing and Garland starts sputtering and turning all kinds of red and hemming and hawwing – and when Likesha got down on one knee we all exploded in laughter we couldn’t take it any more! What a hoot! The girl deserved an academy award! Garland was a good sport, although we razzed him about it for days.

Late night at the Waffle House.

Likesha asks, 'Garland, will you marry me.'

'Ya done good, Likesha!'.

So the next day we said good-bye for the second time to our hosts Dennis and Robin. This was the second time they put us up this trip and we’ve all become fast friends. We met some other great people this leg of the trip – Russ from Covington and Mark who drove in from Lexington a hundred miles away. That’s the great thing about meeting people who love Kerouac and the Beats – strangers can become fast friends due to their common reference point of loving great works.


Dennis and Jade.

Robin and Dennis (note license plate)


For more information about The Beat Museum On Wheels click here