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Playing The B-Side in Cleveland
Friday, October 22, 2004

by Jerry Cimino

We pulled in to Cleveland to play at a terrific nightspot called The B-Side, directly downstairs from The Grog Shop. It was in an area right near Case University. We were told it was the Haight-Ashbury of its day – the hip scene where everyone hung out.

It was fun playing a club scene – totally different than schools or Art Centers. People were in a party mood so it was more interactive than the typical school gig – reminded us of what the Six Gallery must have been like when Jack took up a collection to buy jugs of wine and the audience joined in to cheer Ginzy on as he read Howl for the first time.

Talking Bhuddism with Gary Snyder


Reading at The B-Side.


A casual club scene.

The Beatmobile was parked right out front along the street and our Museum panels sat in the middle of the sidewalk area to the delight of many passers-by.

Cleveland's night life!

Sidewalk Museum

The next day we drove to downtown Cleveland for a stop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. When we got there the Cleveland Browns were into overtime at their stadium right next door to the Rock. The police had the entire downtown area cordoned off and we were unable to even get off the freeway so we kept on rolling on our way to our next gig at Penn State.


Driving by Cleveland Stadium

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