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Reading in Big Sur

Henry Miller Memorial Library

When we got back to the Henry Miller Memorial Library
after hiking Bixby Canyon the sign out front said,
"Beat Poets". It might have sounded a little
pretentious, we thought, but the young people who had
made the sign in our absence had put their heart and
soul in to it so we didn't want to make a fuss. We
were just hoping none of the "real" Beats would happen
to drive by that day and wonder what was up.

So Magnus Toren, the Director of the Henry Miller
Memorial Library, arranged for a terrific musician
named Riz to join us. Riz is a one man orchestra -
hence 'Rizorkestra'. Here's his link:

We met up with all kinds of characters, some from our
mailing list like Sid and his friends who drove up
from LA to see our gig. Some from Monterey like
Christine and Karen, Benji and Abby and Joseph and
Jessica who stopped by to see us. And we met with
Keely from New Hampshire, Megan from Texas and Todd
from Sacramento who are all working at the HMML this
summer on various projects. Matt, who works at The
Beat Museum, drove down to join us with the very
little time I give him off, slave driver that I am.
He jammed in to the night with the band.

There were also some other terrific musicians there.
A young woman named Lauren from Monterey was so good I
bought her CD. She played Dylan's "Don't Think Twice"
like an old Folk Rocker. Here's her website:

And lastly "Vermillion Lies" came on stage - they were
pretty terrific, too.

All in all a pretty terrific day of performances in
Big Sur!

Steve Intro's Riz and His Rizorkestra

Steve Reading from Coney Island by Ferlinghetti

John with a Jack Bobblehead and Neal

Jerry Reads from a Work in Progress

The Crowded Parking Area

Evan and Lauren Play the Crowd

John Showing Matt the Footage from Bixby Canyon

Keely is Interning at HMML - City Lights Logo Tattoo on Her Thumb

Matt Appreciates the Tattoo

Matt Jams with the Band

John Plays into the Night

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