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Larry opens the day at Kerouac Park

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac

Day 2

Day 2 began at Kerouac Park. This is a very special place that the citizens of Lowell dedicated back in 1988 to honor Kerouac and his works. The park is a tasteful display of granite slabs that are carved with excerpts from many of Jack’s books – “The Scripture of the Golden Eternity”, “Mexico City Blues”, “Lonesome Traveler” and of course, “On The Road” to name a few. Lawrence Carradini started the morning off and Poet Janet Hamill paid tribute with a reading.

The Beatmobile was parked a block away next to the Mogan Cultural Center and Lowell High School and many folks stopped by to see us. Bill Gargan from the old Beat-L from ten years ago introduced himself and David Amram stopped by along with Phil Chaput (rhymes with McGoo). Our hanging panels that chronicle the story of the Beats were a hit that people read with interest.

The most anticipated event of the weekend was an Amram Jam coupled with Steve Edington’s discussion with John where John told many stories about his life in Neal and Carolyn’s home as well as what it was like to know Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ken Kesey and Jerry Garcia. Later David invited John to join him with his guitar. Janet Hamill gave some great renditions on stage and then a group called “Hot Day at the Zoo” knocked us all out with a great stage act!

When all the local haunts closed at 2 AM the party spilled out on to the streets. Hot Day at the Zoo started it off and then David joined them as did John and it was a wild street party until 4 AM. The local Lowell cops drove by twice while I was there and simply took note that people were singing and dancing and causing no trouble and waved to everyone and moved on. A perfect Beat end to a great Beat day.

Larry opens the day at Kerouac Park

Poet Janet Hamill performs

Bill from the old

Inside the Beatmobile

Discussing the story on the Panels

Some local girls stop by

Steve, Steve and John

Michael and Bob

John & Steve visit Jack 27 artifacts

Reading the history of the Beats

The Park Rangers were great hosts

David shows his book Vibrations to Phil

David reads the Lowell Sun Kerouac edition

David inside the Beatmobile

Steve introducing John to the stage

The assembled crowd responds

John reminiscing about Neal and Jack


The Master at work

Enjoying the performance

David involves the crowd

That French Horn!

John & Bob.


A drawing of Carolyn by Doug

Poet Janet Hamill

Linda-Joy just loves Jerry Garcia

Hot Day at the Zoo.

These guys were hot!

The party spilled out onto the street....

John joins in!

The party lasted until 4 AM!

Singing and dancing on the Street!

That magical flute!
- Photo of Neal Cassady copyright Larry Keenan

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