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~Method Fest 2005~

Methodfest rolls out the red carpet in Calabassas.

Click here for official Methodfest website.



We just brought the Beatmobile back from The Methodfest Film Festival. You may recall we went there last year along with Randy Allred and the cast and crew from Beat Angel.
You may also recall that the city of Burbank was so thrilled we were there last year that they gave us a police escort (out of town!).

The Method Fest moved to the city of Calabasas this year. Calabasas is a beautiful little city located midway between Thousand Oaks and Sherman Oaks, about an hour north of Los Angeles. Even prior to our going there we were being welcomed with open arms, even to the point of receiving personal emails and phone calls from Mayor pro tem Dennis Washburn. The city went so far as to arrange for us to park on city property and the police told us as long as I kept Cassady under control we’d all get along fine.

So, we met all kinds of famous and not-so-famous people. Martin Landau won a Lifetime Achievement Award. Jeff Bridges and his family were there for a “Family Legacy” Award. Sean Astin (“Rudy” and “Samwise Gamgee” in Lord of the Rings) was the Master of Ceremonies at the Awards night. Ron Gilbert, who we met last year, welcomed us back. See his article on Method Acting.

We met some fast rising stars as well. Georgia and Emma flew in from Australia. Magiena Tovah was in Spiderman II. And The folks from “Steal Me” made a big impression as well. Melissa Painter won for Best Director. Hunter Parish won for Best Actor. And Paz de la Huerta (Riding in Cars with Boys and Cider House Rules) wants to play Mary Lu in On The Road.

Mayor pro tem Dennis Washburn and Jeff Bridges.


Jerry and John with our all access badges.


Dennis and Carol Washburn with John.

Jerry, Jeanne Chinn (actress) and Methodfest's Don Franken.


Georgia and Emma are Beat Fans from down under, mate!


Martin Landau receives a Lifetime Achievment Award.


Martin makes a joke as Emma looks on.


Magiena Tovah was in Spiderman 2


The Mayor and The Rockstar.


Ron Gilbert was in "The Vilachi Papers", "The Godfather", and "The Usual Suspects".


Sean Astin is interviewed for local TV.


Mellissa Painter, Hunter Parish (in background), and Paz de la Huerta won for "Steal Me"

Thanks for having us Don!


So long Methodfest!

Click here for official Methodfest website.


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