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Nokomis Regional High School, Newport, Maine
Friday, October 29, 2004

By Jerry Cimino

It was a long drive to Newport, Maine that Wednesday night! We spent the first day driving from Philly to Nashua, NH to overnight at Steve Edington’s house. We got there just in time for the seventh inning stretch of the last game of the World Series with the Bo-Sox finally winning after 86 years! The announcer commented that there had been entire generations of Sox fans that had lived and died without ever having seen them win a World Series and we quickly realized that Jack Kerouac was one of those fans.

On Thursday we made decent time in to Newport, Maine and met up with Liz Blood, the teacher who arranged for our arrival in to Nokomis. She and some of the other faculty took us to dinner at one of the local haunts and gave us a tour of the school so we’d be ready for setting up the next day.

Outside Nokomis High School

Some of the students helping us set up.

On Friday, we arrived to a contingent of students anxious to help us set up in the gymnasium. Given it was the Friday before Halloween many of these High School Juniors were taking advantage of “Dress Up Day”. Quite a number of the teachers at Nokomis incorporate the Beats into their curriculum and created some assignments around our event which is why you see kids in Halloween costumes filling out paperwork as they watch our delivery.


Preparing the gym for the Beat show.

John checking the acoustics.

It's Holloween dress up day!

The students start to arrive.

Liz introduces the show.

Captivated by 'The Essentials of Spontaneous Prose'.

The students were given a 'Beat' assignment to complete.

Reading Kerouac in the gyms of America!

After the show with Liz.

Holloween at Nokomis Regional High School.

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