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North Beach Festival 2005

The Beat Museum on Wheels arrives in North

The Beat Museum on Wheels rolled in to San Francisco
on a bright sunny Friday in preparation for our two
day stay at the 51st Annual North Beach Festival. Our
first stop was to pay our regards at City Lights.
Soon we were parked a few blocks away on Columbus at
Washington Square Park. This would be our home for
the next two days.

On Saturday and Sunday thousands of San Franciscans
streamed by The Beat Museum on Wheels. John Allen
Cassady was there along with his sister Jami and her
husband Randy. They were greeted by hundreds of
people who were anxious to hear or tell stories of
their father Neal. The locals were thanking us
profusely for spreading the spirit of The Beats across

As it was Father's Day weekend John's son Jamie drove
to the city and bought us all dinner at a local
Italian restaurant in North Beach. Kerouac biographer
Dennis McNally stopped by with his wife Suzanne as did
photographer Larry Keenan and Nancy Lewis of Red Hot
Promotions. Film crews came by, Swedish supermodels
stopped to say hello as did thousands of everyday

Philip Hackett organized a great poetry reading at the
Poet's Gallery at Green & Union. Diamond Dave told us
stories about how he was a 19 year old kid in North
Beach when Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac would walk
to the local poets hang out in North Beach. They'd
often be wearing their Railroad Brakeman's uniforms as
they had just gotten off of work at Third street and
they'd sit outside on the steps with the other poets
smoking cigarettes. Lawrence Ferlinghetti later
arranged for a plaque to be inconspicuously placed in
the sidewalk memorializing the place.

The Beatmobile was a hit in North Beach and we've
already been invited back for next year's event!

Parked on Columbus Avenue
(TransAmerica Building in background)

Parked on Washington Square Park at Powell

Sally, Heather, Jami and Randy

Suzanne, Jami, Dennis & Randy

The crowd begins to gather in North Beach

John and his son Jamie (whose middle name is

Diamond Dave tells John a story about Neal

Nancy with Red Hot Promotions

Gina is a Swedish fashion model touring the

The tents on the right are on the park where
the thousands gather

Jami and Nicole "Howl Forever!"
(Note film crew in background.)

Getting ready to depart Monday morning
(Saints Peter and Paul Church in background)

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