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Wayne State University

Wayne State School Newspaper

The Wayne State Police were waiting for us when we pulled into Detroit. Of course John immediately assumed the position but their presence was a good thing as they wanted to escort us to a prime parking spot mid-campus. ML Liebler, Poet and Professor at Wayne State, had arranged for our performance in Detroit. As ML had a pretty full schedule the weekend of our arrival he turned us over to one of his students, a young guy named Noah.

Noah pulled out all the stops for our visit. He called in favors from friends in the Communications Department and they created beautiful Six by Six banners celebrating our performance. I guess those folks had never heard of John Allen Cassady, though, as my name is the only one mentioned. I needled John for days over that one.

Hundreds of students streamed by the Beatmobile during the day. At the evening’s performance I counted almost two hundred in attendance. People lined up six deep after the show to get their books signed. All in all a pretty great reception.

Wayne State University

The Police Escorted us Into Town

Things Quieted Down After I Bailed John Out

Setting the Rig Up Outside the Undergrad Library

The Crowds Begin to Arrive

Noah Pulled Out All the Stops for the Signage

John Was Shocked They Forgot to Mention His Name

The Panels Were Set Up in a Huge Atrium in the Library

This Girl Was a Big Dylan Fan

Arty Shot of the Flags

The Students Perusing the Bookshop

Setting Up for the Big Show

The Excitement Builds as the Crowds Continues to Arrive

Onstage Telling the Story with LuAnn and Neal

The Fans Line Up to Get Their Books Signed

Jerry, ML, John and Noah

Talking About the Poetry

Kody, Noah, Dennis and John

After The Coney Island Dogs Late into the Night

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