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What People are Saying about
the Beat Museum

Coast to Coast Tour.
Pacific Coast Church
in Pacific Grove, 9/03/04

We held our Coast to Coast Tour kick off event in Pacific Grove, CA on Friday night, September 3, 2004. Tons of locals came out for the three-hour evening to send us off. John’s sister, Jami Cassady Ratto came to town along with her husband, Randy. One pleasant surprise during the course of the evening is a man by the name of Ed Levy drove up from Southern California to attend the event. He told us he was Allen Ginsberg’s cousin. His father was the brother of Naomi Ginsberg’s, Allen’s mother, for whom Kaddish was written. He stood and addressed the audience for a few minutes to tell of his numerous meetings with Allen over the years and what it was like to have Allen as a family member.

Two views of the rig in front of Pacific Coast Church


We asked the audience to fill out a survey to evaluate our performance so we can know how to make our offering even better. On a scale of 1-5 with five being the highest, the audience rated us as a 4.55. A pretty good place to start, I think, and it’s only going to get better! Below are some of the written comments:

Survey responses to Kick Off Event:

“I loved the personal stories about the Beats that only friends and family can provide – the insight into personalities – details that I never knew.”

“Hearing John read Neal’s unpublished letters was a great element. John was extremely personable and had a great sense of humor.”

“I’ll be telling my friends on the East Coast to be sure they catch one of your college shows while you tour the country.”

“I loved Jerry reading Kerouac’s poetry while John played guitar! And the stories and insight John brought to the evening – terrific!”

“If I wasn’t working in California I’d take a trip back to my home town so I could check you out as you swing through the East Coast.”

“I loved the personal stories John told. There are still many things you can’t learn form reading the books.”

“Before this event I wasn’t very familiar with the Beat Movement and I only came tonight because my boyfriend wanted to come. Now I have a better understanding and I am interested to the point of where I want to learn more about this topic and this era.”

“You will be a huge hit for the young hungry minds on campuses and at Poetry Slams.”

Ed Levy(Allen Ginsberg's Cousin) on the left, speaking to Jerry.
Jerry Cimino Reading, While John Plays guitar
a look at the panels from inside the Beat Museum on Wheels
People chatting around the boards, with John Cassady
Brian George, builder of the Beat Mobile, and Estelle, and Jerry.
Ginsberg presented through a movie at during the program.
Jerry reading Kerouac's poetry while John plays guitar


Jerry and John spreading the spirit of the beats with Allen Ginsberg watching over their shoulders.

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