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Blair's Hotel

Blair in Front of His Hotel

The second part of the weekend at Windber’s Kerouac
Fest ’05 consisted of the parties that Blair put on at
the Grand Midway Hotel he owns. People came from all
over – an eclectic mix of the seekers and the sought
after - where every time you turned around you met a
new friend. Some of the most interesting people and
everyone immediately at ease with everyone else as
friends introduced friends who introduced friends. My
brother Jack drove in from Harrisburg for two days.
Many of Blair’s film maker friends drove or flew in
from both coasts. We read from On The Road and from
our own works. It was John’s and Aimee’s birthday so
a huge cake shaped like “The Road” was brought out.
And in the middle of it was a huge motorcycle rally
called “The Dog Run” where thousands of bikers showed
up right outside of Blair’s place and roared off on
down the road.

The Beatmobile Parked by the Old Train Station in Front of the Hotel

Being Interviewed by the Local ABC News Station

Blair Creating the Day's Schedule

'Today is My Birthday!'

It's Aimee's Birthday, too

Hanging Out on the Front Steps

Blair says, 'Here I Come to Save the Day!'

Baird Was Cinematographer for Easy Rider

Vimala & Chuck Moses Jam Onstage

The OTR Birthday Cake Arrives

Jammin' into the Night

John, Jack, Jerry & Blair Prepare to Join th Bikers on the Street

Out on the Street, 'On Your Mark...

'Get Set...'

'Go, Go, Go!'




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