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Photography from Adam Blai

Spontaneous Prose - From the Mind to the Keyboard

The third part of this special weekend at Kerouac Fest
’05 in Windber, PA was the photography of Adam Blai.
Adam is a friend of Sara’s who is a friend of Blair’s
and when he showed up and he and Sara showed us some
photography they’ve been working on.
Needless to say everyone wanted in on the act. Adam’s technique is
amazing! I won’t give away his secret except to say
that these images are not Photoshoped or in any other
way manipulated – they’re all done in with no software
enhancement and this is exactly what the camera saw
and in less than a minute these images are what you
see on the screen.

I Wanna Be a Rock Star!



Ed's from Hollywood

Brotherly Love - Jack & Jerry

Brotherly Fun - Joe & T



Jamie looking like Jack

Baird Sees the Light

Atlas Holding Woman - Britney and T

Blair's Bar





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